As an atypical player in the real estate sector, GROUPE TERROT is a developer that sees real estate as a service for humankind. These projects to enhance the value of tertiary, commercial and residential assets, as well as investments in property, hotels and nursing homes, are always designed in accordance with a collaborative ethic. With a strong focus on asset’s existing use value, GROUPE TERROT offers innovative and differentiating (ground-breaking) activities in the long term.


Specialising in property revaluation, with managers and a dedicated legal department who ensure the delivery of quality products in compliance with the regulations in force for both institutional and individual investors.


The group relies on a network of trusted, long-term partners to carry out its activities: banks, notaries, architects, lawyers, managers, town planners, estate agents, and journeymen.

Our Team

Samuel Gelrubin
Chief Executive Officer


Christophe Parrera
Group Manager
Jean-Baptiste Muratet
Development Manager
Noëlle Bamboux
Office Manager
Azziza Estinfort
Group Accountant
Nicolas Dereymond
Development Manager
Estelle Salgues Corbin
Legal Manager
David Chidiac
Chief Investment Officer
Charles Gelrubin
Member of the Board of Directors
Amine El Bounaamani
Technical Real Estate Officer
Nathalie Galland Vranca
Group Accountant
BRUNO velay
Chief Financial Officer

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Our History

The TERROT GROUP was created by Léon Gelrubin in 1949. It worked, historically, with the textile sector, distributing industrial machinery. Léon’s son, Michel, continued this activity. His grandson, Samuel Gelrubin, joined the group in 2007 after having created and resold a company in the telecommunications field. It was at this point that he launched the real estate investment activity, marking a turning point in the family business. In 2009, Samuel Gelrubin took over the management of the group and completed its reconversion into a real estate company all while retaining a 100% family shareholding. Today, the TERROT GROUP has become a value-adding player in the real estate business with a long-term vision on short-cycle investments.


Léon Gelrubin, emigrating from Poland after the 2nd World War, founds the company Mauser Special France in 1949 and begins distributing industrial textile equipment. The first headquarters are based at 27 rue des Petites Ecuries, Paris 10th arrondissement.


The company becomes the exclusive distributor of German Terrot machines.


The company changes its name to Terrot France and is awarded the distribution contract for Tajima Japanese embroidery machines that year.


Michel Gelrubin, Leon’s son, takes over the general management of the company.


Terrot France becomes Terrot


Samuel Gelrubin, Michel’s son and Léon’s grandson, takes over the management of the Group and converts it into a real estate business.


The Group disposes of the “sale of textile machinery” business and completes its full conversion into real estate.


Creation of the American SLH Investments subsidiary, 100% owned by Terrot Group.


The Terrot Group has assets operating in 26 French cities, and opens an office in Toulouse.


The group co-invests in the hotel business, creating a boutique-hotel (“La Maison Bréguet”), as well as in the development of nursing homes with strong value creation.


New headquarters at 111 Rue de Longchamp